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Table 4: List of Common Trucking Companies NOT Running Aerodynamic Tractor Trailers

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Truck Nameplate - CompanyEstimated Overall on Road Prevalence (scale of 1-5) *Estimated Percent of Fleet W/ Skirts or Other Aero Mods (scale of 1-5)Stock Ticker if Public, else Private, Subsidiary, Government, UnknownWebsite (probable)Parent Name; Ticker if applicableParent Website (probable)Based where ***Trailer Skirts On Homepage (includes sites with at least one pic in slide rotation)Type of Company if not primarily truckingNotes
Apl (American President Lines, Ltd.)50Subsidiaryhttp://www.apl.com/Neptune Orient Lines Limited; SGX: N03http://www.nol.com.sg/wps/portal/nolSingaporeExclusively or high port container share
Arnold Transportation Services50Privatehttp://www.arnoldtrans.com/Jacksonville, FL
CMA CGM50Privatehttp://www.cma-cgm.com/FranceExclusively or high port container share. Abbreviations stand for Compagnie Maritime d'Affrètement (CMA) and Compagnie Générale Maritime (CGM)
COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Company)50Governmenthttp://en.cosco.com/ChinaExclusively or high port container share. Also China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO). US website is http://www.cosco-usa.com/
Cowan Systems50Privatehttp://www.cowansystems.com/Baltimore, MDAgain, prominent branding may create a false feeling of multitude
CSAV (Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores)50BCS: VAPOREShttp://www.csav.com/ChileExclusively or high port container share.
Evergreen Marine Corp.50LSE: EGMD; TWSE: 2603http://www.evergreen-marine.com/TaiwanExclusively or high port container share.
Hamburg Sud Group50Privatehttp://www.hamburg-sued.com/GermanyExclusively or high port container share.
Hanjin Shipping50KRX: 117930; Subsidiaryhttp://www.hanjin.com/South KoreaExclusively or high port container share.
Hapag-lloyd50Privatehttp://www.hapag-lloyd.com/GermanyExclusively or high port container share. Three major owners, including the Albert Albert Ballin Consortium consisting of the City of Hamburg and a group of private investors, German company TUI and Kuehne Maritime own over 80% of Hapag Lloyd.
Kline50TYO:9107http://www.kline.com/JapanExclusively or high port container share. Aka, K line, K-line, "K"-Line. Is this company, known as Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., a keiretsu, or related to Kawasaki Heavy Industries - TYO:7012? Unknown. Japanese site is www.kline.co.jp. United States unit known as "K" Line America, Inc.
Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)50Privatehttp://www.mscgva.ch/SwitzerlandExclusively or high port container share.
NEMF (New England Motor Freight)50Privatehttp://www.nemf.com/Elizabeth, NJ
NFI50Privatehttp://www.nfiindustries.com/Vineland, NJ
OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line)50Subsidiaryhttp://www.oocl.com/Orient Overseas (International) Limited; SEHK: 316http://www.ooilgroup.com/Hong KongExclusively or high port container share.
Pitt Ohio Express50Privatehttp://works.pittohio.com/Pittsburgh, PA
Textainer (Tex)50NYSE: TGHhttp://www.textainer.com/BermudaExclusively or high port container share.
Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation50Privatehttps://www.yangming.com/TaiwanExclusively or high port container share.
Zim (Zim Integrated Shipping Services)50TASE: ILCOhttp://www.zim.com/IsraelExclusively or high port container share.
A Duie Pyle, Inc.40Privatehttp://www.aduiepyle.com/West Chester, PA
CSX40NYSE: CSXhttp://www.csx.com/Jacksonville, FLCSX formed from merger of Chessie System and Seaboard Coast Line Industries - so CSX could stand for Chessie Seaboard CrossCountry aka Chessie System X (CSX)>
Estes Express Lines40Privatehttp://www.estes-express.com/Richmond, VA
Keystone Freight Corp40Privatehttps://www.nationalretailsystems.com/National Retail Systemshttps://www.nationalretailsystems.com/North Bergen, NJ
Maersk Group40Subsidiaryhttp://www.maerskline.com/A.P. Maersk; OMX: MAERSK A; OMX: MAERSK Bhttp://www.maersk.com/DenmarkExclusively or high port container share. Also labeled Maersk-Sealand. Company also known as MaerskLine.
Marten Transport40NASDAQ: MRTNhttp://www.marten.com/Mondovi, WISignificant port container share
Mountaire Farms40Privatehttp://www.mountaire.com/Millsboro, DEVery noticeable if hard to read branding may stilt my numbers higher. Often mistaken for Montaire.
New Penn Motor Express40Subsidiaryhttp://www.newpenn.com/Yellow Roadway Corp.; NYSE: YRCWLebanon, PA
Nyk Line (Nippon Yusen Kaisha)40TYO:9101; Subsidiaryhttp://www2.nykline.com/Mitsubishihttp://www.mitsubishi.com/JapanExclusively or high port container share. Short for Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha.
R & L Carriers (RL Carriers)40Privatehttp://www.rlcarriers.com/Wilmington, OH
ShopRite40Subsidiaryhttp://www.shoprite.com/Wakefernhttp://www.wakefern.com/Keasbey, NJRegional supermarketKeasbey is a section of the town of Woodbridge, NJ.
Smith Transport40Privatehttp://www.smithtransport.com/Roaring Spring, PA
CIMC30China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd (CIMC) (Via CIMC USA); SEHK: 2039, SZSE: 000039http://www.cimc.com/Shenzhen, Guangdong, ChinaContainer manufacturer and other transportation eqiupment
Performance Food Group (PFG)30Privatehttp://www.pfgc.com/Richmond, VABlackstone Group, Wellspring Capital own PFG.


Please note: Direct comparison of companies in this table to those using aerodynamic modifications is not entirely fair.  As mentioned in the full report, a much higher share of these companies are associated with ports and as such are running standardized non-aerodynamic trailers, often on non-aerodynmamic chassis from chassis pools associated with the ports.  In addition, many companies have implemented other efficiency improvements including low rolling resistance tires in regular and wide base configurations, aerodynamic mud flaps, auxiliary power units (APU) and other efficiency modifications. Finally, the data in this table was collected between May 2012 and May 2013, almost two and a half years before its publication (October 2015). Since that time, many companies on this list have implemented aerodynamic and other efficiency measures to their fleets, measures which we hope to document in future data collection and research.


* Explanation / Legend for “Estimated Overall on Road Prevalence (scale 1-5)” in the above Table 4: List of Common Trucking Companies NOT Running Aerodynamic Tractor Trailers

Overall on Road Prevalence
Road Prevalence Description
a Day
a Day
a Month
a Month
One or fewer
a month (1 =<)
Two to
four times month (2-4 month)
Five to
fifteen times a month (5-15 month)
to three times a day (1-3 day)
4-15 a day41580300


*** For the above Table 4: List of Common Trucking Companies NOT Running Aerodynamic Tractor Trailers, I have used North American state, province and region abbreviations from the United States of America, Mexico and Canada.  Below is your key to deciphering those abbreviations:

CountryProvince, State, Region NameProvince, State, Region Name Abbrev-iationProvince, State, Region 2 letter codeRegion Type / StatusOther abbreviations (abréviation (abrév.), abreviatura) versions, spellings
CanadaBritish ColumbiaBCCA-BCprovinceC.-B., Colombie-Britannique
CanadaNew BrunswickNBCA-NBprovinceN.-B., Nouveau-Brunswick
CanadaNewfoundland and LabradorNLCA-NLprovinceT.-N.-L.*, TNL, Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador
CanadaNova ScotiaNSCA-NSprovinceT.N.-O., Nouvelle-Écosse, Nouvelle-Ecosse
CanadaNorthwest TerritoriesNTCA-NTterritoryN.-É., Territoires du Nord-Ouest
CanadaPrince Edward IslandPECA-PEprovinceÎ.-P.-É., Île-du-Prince-Édouard, Ile-du-Prince-Edouard, IPE, PEI
CanadaQuebecQCCA-QCprovinceQc, Québec
CanadaYukon (formerly Yukon Territory)YTCA-YTterritoryYn, Yukon Territories
MexicoAguascalientesAGMX - AGstateAgs.
MexicoBaja CaliforniaBCMX - BCstateB.C.
MexicoBaja California SurBSMX - BSstateB.C.S., BCS
MexicoCampecheCMMX - CMstateCamp.
MexicoChiapasCSMX - CSstateChis.
MexicoChihuahuaCHMX - CHstateChih.
MexicoCoahuilaCOMX - COstateCoah.
MexicoColimaCLMX - CLstateCol.
MexicoFederal DistrictDFMX - DFstateD.F., FD
MexicoDurangoDGMX - DGstateDgo.
MexicoGuanajuatoGTMX - GTstateGto.
MexicoGuerreroGRMX - GRstateGro.
MexicoHidalgoHGMX - HGstateHgo.
MexicoJaliscoJAMX - JAstateJal.
MexicoMexico StateMEMX - MEstateEdomex.
MexicoMichoacánMIMX - MIstateMich.
MexicoMorelosMOMX - MOstateMor.
MexicoNayaritNAMX - NAstateNay.
MexicoNuevo LeónNLMX - NLstateN.L.,  Nuevo Leon
MexicoOaxacaOAMX - OAstateOax.
MexicoPueblaPUMX - PUstatePue.
MexicoQuerétaroQEMX - QEstateQro.,  Queretaro
MexicoQuintana RooQRMX - QRstateQ. Roo.
MexicoSan Luis PotosíSLMX - SLstateS.L.P.,  San Luis Potosi, SLP
MexicoSinaloaSIMX - SIstateSin.
MexicoSonoraSOMX - SOstateSon.
MexicoTabascoTBMX - TBstateTab.
MexicoTamaulipasTMMX - TMstateTamps.
MexicoTlaxcalaTLMX - TLstateTlax.
MexicoVeracruzVEMX - VEstateVer.
MexicoYucatánYUMX - YUstateYuc.,  Yucatan
MexicoZacatecasZAMX - ZAstateZac.
USAAlaskaAKUS-AKstateAlaska, Alas.
USAArizonaAZUS-AZstateAriz., Az.
USACaliforniaCAUS-CAstateCalif., Ca., Cal., Cali.
USAColoradoCOUS-COstateColo., Col.
USAConnecticutCTUS-CTstateConn., Ct.
USADelawareDEUS-DEstateDel., De.
USADistrict of ColumbiaDCUS-DCfederal districtD.C., Wash. D.C.
USAFloridaFLUS-FLstateFla., Fl., Flor.
USAHawaiiHIUS-HIstateHawaii, H.I.
USAIdahoIDUS-IDstateIdaho, Id., Ida.
USAIllinoisILUS-ILstateIll., Il., Ills., Ill's
USAIndianaINUS-INstateInd., In.
USAIowaIAUS-IAstateIowa, Ia., Ioa.
USAKansasKSUS-KSstateKans., Ks., Ka.
USAKentuckyKYUS-KYstate (common-wealth)Ky., Ken., Kent.
USAMaineMEUS-MEstateMaine, Me.
USAMassachusettsMAUS-MAstate (common-wealth)Mass., Mas.,
USAMinnesotaMNUS-MNstateMinn., Mn.
USAMississippiMSUS-MSstateMiss., Mis.
USANevadaNVUS-NVstateNev., Nv.
USANew HampshireNHUS-NHstateN.H.
USANew JerseyNJUS-NJstateN.J.
USANew MexicoNMUS-NMstateN. Mex., New M.
USANew YorkNYUS-NYstateN.Y., N. York
USANorth CarolinaNCUS-NCstateN.C., N. Car.
USANorth DakotaNDUS-NDstateN. Dak., NoDak
USAOhioOHUS-OHstateOhio, O., Oh.
USAOklahomaOKUS-OKstateOkla., Ok.
USAOregonORUS-ORstateOreg., Or.
USAPennsylvaniaPAUS-PAstate (common-wealth)Pa., Penn., Penna.
USARhode IslandRIUS-RIstateR.I., R.I. & P.P., R. Isl.
USASouth CarolinaSCUS-SCstateS.C., S. Car.
USASouth DakotaSDUS-SDstateS. Dak., SoDak
USATennesseeTNUS-TNstateTenn., Tn.
USATexasTXUS-TXstateTex., Tx.
USAUtahUTUS-UTstateUtah, Ut.
USAVirginiaVAUS-VAstate (common-wealth)Va., Virg.
USAWashingtonWAUS-WAstateWash., Wa., Wn.
USAWest VirginiaWVUS-WVstateW. Va., W.V., W. Virg.
USAWisconsinWIUS-WIstateWis., Wi., Wisc.
USAWyomingWYUS-WYstateWyo., Wy.


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